Tight Grip Suction Bowl (Blue)

No more slides or spills, the Kidsme Suction Bowl with Feeding Spoon Set is designed to stay put for your little one during mealtimes. Adults and kids can both focus on discovering food without it going anywhere. The Suction Bowl with Feeding Spoon Set’s secure lid features a locked-in, ergonomic spoon and keeps food sealed in so it’s also perfect for on-the-go. Special Features: •Recommended for 6 months and plus. •Secure lid comes with snap-in spoon. •Non-slip, non-flip bowl stays put due to a suction feature at the base. •Tight-fitting lid makes it perfect for on-the-go. •Indent in the bowl that makes it easier to scoop all the food out
Manufacturer: Kidsme
SKU: 4893014869086