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Prepworks Brown Sugar Prokeeper- 1.5 quart capacity

Brown Sugar Keeper includes a small terra cotta disk that keeps your brown sugar soft and fresh. Simply soak the terra cotta disc in room temperature water and place inside the keeper. This handy keeper is an essential for all bakers.

Prepworks lettuce keeper

Make your fresh vegetables last longer and help stretch your grocery budget further with our lettuce keeper. This innovative produce saver features an adjustable air vent and water reservoir to create the ideal environment for fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh longer. Simply wash and store your veggies in one container.

Prepworks fresh fruit and veggie keeper

With our fresh fruit and veggie keeper, you can extend the life and freshness of fruits and vegetables. The smaller size produce saver fits perfectly in the refrigerator on the shelf or door, yet still holds bunches of carrots, radishes, grapes, green beans or cherries.

Prepworks Santoku Lettuce Knife (Sell separately)

The serrated blade of our Santoku Lettuce Knife glides effortlessly through lettuce, tomatoes and more. Best of all, the knife will not turn lettuce brown once cut! This knife is safe to use on non-stick cookware or bakeware.

Prepworks Dice and Slice Chopper

The Dice and Slice Chopper gives you the power to cut, dice, slice and chop fruits and vegetables for salads, stir-fries and more! This chopper includes three interchangeable blades and a handy cleaning tool. The blade panels store conveniently in the base container, which also measures two cups of chopped produce.

Prepworks garliq™ garlic mincer

Our garliq™ garlic mincing tool quickly minces garlic, radishes and more into perfectly uniform cubes without the mess. Simply load the cartridge, snap into the tool and squeeze like a stapler. You can mince garlic directly into pans or dishes.