Peppa Pig: Fairy Tale Little Library

"The Peppa Pig Fairy Tale Little Library" is a charming collection of mini fairy tale classics with the characters from the award-winning Nick Jr. television series, "Peppa Pig", presented in a beautiful slipcase box. Join Princess Peppa Pig and Prince George in their wonderful fairy tale castle up in the clouds and read their stories time and time again. Peppa Pig is the most popular pre-school licensed character; the Peppa Pig range of books are fun, interactive and educational, ideal for encouraging children to start to read by themselves.
Manufacturer: Peppa Pig
SKU: ISBN: 9781409306177
  •  Board book | 60 pages
  •  94 x 94 x 54mm | 280g
  •  06 Oct 2015
  •  Ladybird
  •  United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  9781409306177