Monkey Math

Teach young ones the basics of addition in a fun way with the Monkey Math game. It is simple to use and includes an instruction booklet. There are multiple banana bunches, each one with a different number. Start with one or more bunches hanging from one of the monkey's hands, and then have kids place an equivalent number on the other hand. If the math is correct, the arms will balance and the eyes will look straight ahead. If not, they continue to wobble and the eyes remain crossed. This math learning game provides children with a visually engaging and hands-on way of understanding addition concepts. It is a suitable tool for use at home, in preschool classrooms and more.
SKU: monkeymath
  • 1 monkey scale and 15 banana number tokens
  • Instruction booklet
  • Kids' learning game is for ages 4 and up
  • Hang banana tokens from the monkey's hands
  • If the amounts are equal, the arms will balance and the eyes look straight ahead