Monkey Mat® - Gray Groove

The Monkey Mat is a clean, portable surface you can take EVERYwhere! For all ages, all places, all year long. •  5' x 5' mat - large enough for several friends or family! • Attached pouch - so nothing separate to keep track of! • Ultra compact - no more bulky blankets! • Ripstop nylon - durable, but still soft to the touch (no plasticky feel)! • Lightweight - only 12oz, so really can go everywhere! • Machine washable - of course :) • Water repellant - spills, grass, sand, dirt, etc shake right off! • Corner weights - super lightweight, so keeps it from blowing away in the wind! • Corner loops - use stakes, shovels or whatever you have for extra grounding if needed, or tie multiple Monkey Mats together for even more clean floor! • Center fun tabs - attach and keep track of toys, keys, dog leashes, etc!
Manufacturer: Monkey Mat®
SKU: mm002