The electronic answer pen has a special tip that reads a special kind of ink. The child answers a question by touching the pen’s tip to a multiple-choice answer star. If the child chooses the correct answer, the pen will read the special ink, and produce a positive response. If the child chooses the incorrect answer – or touches the pen to anything not printed with the special ink – the pen will respond with a re-directive response.
Manufacturer: PiKids Media
SKU: 9781450865098

The pen contains positive and negative responses featuring the voice of Mickey Mouse and sound effects. There are 3 buttons on the pen: try me, volume up, volume down. In addition to the audible responses, the pen also lights up: Gold for positive response, Red for negative response. 
Experience a fun new way of learning with your friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Have fun with 501 questions and an electronic answer pen that tells you if you’ve answered each question correctly. Content in this question and answer set includes letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and other early learning subjects! Have a hotdog day with this box set today!

  • Conductive-ink technology
  • Quiz It Pen lights up and plays engaging sounds and phrases
  • Prepares young learners to meet curriculum standards
  • Parents’ guide included
  • 2 replaceable AAA batteries included
  • BOX: 11" x 11.5" x 1.625" with handle OR 13" x 9" x 2"
  • 4 spiral-bound books with coated-paper pages, 5.25" x 8"
  • 64 pages per book
  • MODULE: 1.25" x 6.35" x .85"
  • Volume control buttons
  • 2 LEDs
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