Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles, 21.2 oz

Indulge yourself in rich, smooth chocolate decadence with Lindt Assorted Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles. Exquisitely creamy chocolate and artistic mastery combine to create these distinctive Lindt Lindor Truffles with an irresistibly smooth filling guaranteed to melt the heart of every chocolate connoisseur. Share this 5.1 oz package of Assorted Milk, Dark and White Lindt Truffles with someone you love, or keep them all to yourself. For maximum taste and freshness, Lindt truffles should be stored in a cool, dry place.
SKU: 450201
    • Lindor Chocolate Truffles
    • Assorted flavors
    • 21.2 oz bag
    • Milk Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate
    • White Chocolate
    • Extra Dark Chocolate
    • Caramel