(By Air) Freds Swim Academy Swimtrainer "Classic" - Orange (2-6yrs)

The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" empowers your child. Your little one will feel safe and secure while he or she has fun in the water ' and learns how to swim naturally. The adaptable SWIMTRAINER in red, orange or yellow will support your child at any age and stage of development ' as early as three months old and as advanced as 8 years old. Your child will discover safe swimming and fun in the water all at the same time.The orange SWIMTRAINER "Classic' is used for teaching perfect arm and leg movements. This SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is designed for small children with an approximate weight of 15 kg to 30 kg (33 - 65 lb) and is suited for beginners and advanced learners.
Manufacturer: Other Brands
SKU: 10220
  • Ideal horizontal swimming position in the water
  • Adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards
  • Inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
  • Recommend weights: 6kg to 18kg (13-40lb)
  • 8.90 x 7.50 x 1.60 Inches
  • 0.87 Pounds
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